Differing values between us the younger gen kids and Baby Boomers sucks big time if we are the ones who need the job and have to accept all the tension.

Interview is a preview to your daily work life

Can you spend 8 hours every day with people like him (a boomer)?

Since you know your boss is a boomer now during this interview stage, I am telling you 100% plus chop guarantee that you will see him 4 days out of 5. If communication breaks down now and you give up talking to the OK BOOMER, then you rather get out before you're in and find another company with bosses and colleagues your own age.

Mental preparation rocks! - don't go blind and get screwed while as an employee.

Go down to his level (too bad)

Make him agree with you by doing things you know he will agree with.

Be a yes man. Willingness to agree is not easy for people our age. For the older generation who have went through hardships, sweat and tears, they see us as kids who have lived a life of luxury and getting spoonfed every step of the way. We didn't have to work hard for our iPhones you know.

Boomers like life, same way as parents love kids

The young generation brings new perspective, ideas, leadership and most importantly vitality 🏃

Basically if you haven't realized it, boomers hate Gen Z because they are disrespectful.

Be nice, but show your liveliness. Inject that life into the company. Everyone likes to see a bright and smiley face at work. Increases morale. Creates positivity. AND COSTS THE COMPANY NOTHING. Plus, these boomers at the interview room are likely parents too, and for the aged-boomers, they have kids who are your age. Surely if their kid were to apply for a job, they won't reject them right? (Provided that you meet the minimum requirements obviously)

Do not call Boomers by the name "BOOMERS"

No direspect.

Calling names is rude, so obviously don't do that and ruin your own interview. Enough said.