At the wrap-up of the interview sessions, employers can throw you off by directly asking you why you should be hired for the role. Even though candidate selection is clearly their job, you might be asked this question in the assessment of how you react to sticky situations.

Long answers show substance.

Detailed Responses to the Reasons Why You Should Be Hired

In the following paragraphs, I've categorized reasons which can be either used wholesale or adapted to your situation. They are ranked from the least important to the most crucial reasons for securing the job opening. However, most people believe presenting a good mix of reasons throughout the interview session (not just when this question is asked!) will make the candidate the most convincing and attractive person for the job.

Before the responses are listed, a word of caution.

3 important points to note are - your answers should make their point quickly within the first ten words to allow the listener to grasp the meaning, then give a great reason to back up your point, and finally elaborate to milk the brownie points! Do break the points into digestible sentences; we want to be easily understood as well.

List of Reasons

Your experience tells the interviewers this is not your first time at it.

I have experience. (Weakest reason)

You should hire me for my impressive and proven track record. The experience I have is directly relevant and I have shown that I wasn't passive - I acted and contributed on my own which shows my ability to perform my role well. My consistent track record of exceptional work is also evident in the brand name companies I have worked with and my connections who have reviewed me on LinkedIn.

Use your early adulthood to your advantage. 

I am young and ambitious.

I am self driven, young, and motivated. I have personal expectations of myself which I impose on myself and from my track record of competitions and awards, I pursue those goals and do my best to achieve prescribed targets. Furthermore, I'm relatively younger and fresh out of school compared to the crowd here. I can thus learn fast and will need little supervising and monitoring moving forward.

If your focus is your job and there's nothing more important than your job, say so.

I am career-driven.

Professional development in my career is really important to me, so I take responsibility in learning and growing. I want to stay at the cutting edge of what's expected of the role in this industry, so it is to the company's advantage to engage employees like myself who have to drive to stay at the front and be industry leaders. Unlike other employees, I am single and I don't intend anytime soon to settle down. Without my own family, wife or kids, I am more mobile and able to be deployed to sites local and overseas on short notice. My career is my top priority.

Adaptability in demanding work environments is always a plus to employers. 

I come from a tough background and I change quickly.

As I've shared about my background and family history, I have always embraced changed positively. I got to where I am and be who I have become because of the difficulties I have endured and I grew from them. I further understand that for a company to succeed, it needs to continually adapt, and having me onboard your team allows the company to have people who can drive that vision.

Being relatable and socially connected to others makes business sense.

I work well with others and I have useful connections.

This role is a people position. Strong interpersonal skills are my forte and I can foster ideas and opportunities in teams. In your company, people often work in small groups and sometimes solo. With my extroverted personality, I have more of a drawing power than others, especially with people I do not know. Interacting with strangers is no problem. With my general background and knowledge in the field as well, I can be a valuable asset.

I am well-versed with the industry.

You should hire me for my extensive and in-depth knowledge of industry trends and issues. This job isn't something any Tom or Harry down the street can do because it is extremely niche. We both know that having a degree or education is simply not enough to survive in this industry. One great thing I can offer is my experience after being here for over 10 years. I can provide advice on how you can improve your services by leveraging my experience. This is something the kids fresh out of school won't have. I also come from a family heritage of engineers. My father, grandfather, and 3 of 4 uncles are engineers. The knowledge and connections are literally in my blood.

In the face! You meet all the requirements and more. 

I meet your job description (Strongest reason)

I believe we have discussed extensively the details of the role and the skills I bring to the table. Mutually, we agree that the requisite and necessary skills, experience, and qualities are a match for the job description. I feel that the job itself has some challenges, but for the most part, I am comfortable with the responsibilities and requirements. More importantly, after learning the details and having posed so many questions, my doubts have been clarified. I am confident in performing at my best for the position.