Be formal πŸ‘” and there you have a good impression. Be too formal and awkwardness sets in. Trying hard to fit into the interview setting? Sure - here's how you square up your situation.

Junior, early-career and even mid-career, welcome.

Position to attire matchup

The kit you fit yourself in should match the occasion. Ice cream scoopers shouldn't show up in a blazer and an office clerk shouldn't appear in slippers.

Minimum wage and holiday stints
  • Smart casual will do - collared shirt appropriate
  • Avoid jeans unless work attire is already jeans
  • Wear a good attitude. Many careers start from the bottom.
Basic skilled, temporary positions
  • Business formal is advisable - shiny shoes πŸ‘ž, smart shirt and ironed pants
  • Ties make a great first impression
  • Learn as much as you can, with time you may be converted from temporary staff to a permanent position
  • On the job performance assessed from the moment you step into the interview room
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As you climb corporate, groom your mind and behaviour to act the part as well.

As you scale the career ladder, grooming is not about playing dressup no more. Your thinking, actions, words and little gestures all mean something more - this is your extrinsic behaviour most people fail to notice.

Corporate entry level job
  • Go business formal - pressed pants, sleek shirt and shined shoes
  • Extras like cufflinks and a nice watch if you can afford it
  • Cut the mumbling and tripping over words
  • Be likeable since you're new to the industry and will need lots of help
  • Don't be arrogant just because you hold a Bachelor's Degree πŸŽ“. Your bosses may be less educated, but you can bet they do the job ten times better than you can.
Corporate mid career roles
  • Formal attire is expected of you, with outer coat as well
  • Brushed hair, combed to a business-like hairstyle
  • Watch the way you walk, how you talk and behave
  • Gestures such as a wave is unprofessional
  • Speak in full sentences
  • Connect with people on LinkedIn and grow your social circle in your industry